Vote to end outsourcing and contracting out

We represent 13,000 IT workers in the federal government. We’re leading the fight against overpriced consultants.

We need to elect a government that will invest in a permanent, not contract, public service.

The federal government currently spends $12 billion a year on outsourced services – more than the budgets of 8 departments and agencies combined.

Outsourcing means higher costs to Canadians. Outsourcing means lower quality services for Canadians – less transparency, less accountability with fewer checks and balances. Outsourcing means a loss of institutional knowledge.

In this election, we are calling on political parties to commit to:

  • Reduce spending on consultants to 2005-06 levels that were promised by the current government in the last election campaign
  • Establish a taskforce with unions to resolve the problem of outsourcing

Learn more about our call to end outsourcing and contracting out.

We surveyed the four federal parties running candidates across the country to find out where they stand on outsourcing:

  • The Green Party of Canada: Commits to ensuring our public service has the capacity to operate itself. They believe contractors can enhance service but should not deliver the core mandate or be depended on to deliver services.
  • The Liberal Party of Canada: Commits to collaborating with public sector unions like PIPSC and believes progress on this issue is possible.
  • The New Democratic Party of Canada: Believes a dedicated, permanent public service is a strong public service. They will work with unions to reduce outsourcing and to foster internal expertise.
  • The Conservative Party of Canada did not answer the survey.

With one click, you can email your local candidates to find out where they stand on outsourcing.  

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On October 21, use your vote to end outsourcing and contracting out.