Vote for tax fairness

We represent thousands of professionals at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They collect the taxes needed to fund the public services Canadians depend on every day.

We need to elect a government that will close tax loopholes and ensure that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

With insufficient resources and outdated technology, Canada’s tax professionals are at a significant disadvantage when they try to go after tax cheats who use off-shore tax havens, or business owners who hide their assets and use “profit shifting” tools to minimize their tax bills. In addition, global e-commerce giants enjoy a very real tax advantage compared to their Canadian counterparts. Overall, the federal government loses billions of dollars in tax revenue every year. This money could be invested in public infrastructure and programs that would benefit ALL Canadians.

In this election, we are calling on federal political parties to commit to:

  • Tax e-commerce companies fairly
  • End “profit-shifting”
  • Create a publicly-accessible “beneficial ownership” registry
  • Invest in CRA training, new technologies and regional offices

Learn more about our position on tax fairness

We surveyed the four federal parties running candidates across the country to find out where they stand on tax fairness:

  • The Green Party of Canada: will close tax loopholes, provide adequate funding to the CRA and tax e-commerce giants.
  • The Liberal Party of Canada: will continue investing in the CRA and implement a consistent national approach to beneficial ownership. No comment on e-commerce or profit shifting.
  • The New Democratic Party of Canada: will implement the measures recommended by PIPSC.
  • The Conservative Party of Canada did not answer the survey.

With one click, you can email your local candidates to find out where they stand on tax fairness.  

Email your local candidates

On October 21, use your vote to support Tax Fairness.

Want to know where these federal parties stand on other issues of importance to PIPSC members?

What about a single tax return administered by the government of Québec?

Québec’s National Assembly has recently begun promoting the idea of a single tax return to be administered by its provincial government tax professionals. Our AFS members are justifiably concerned by the impact this would have on their positions and careers.

While current estimates point to the added costs of having to file two separate tax returns in Québec, leading tax experts believe that the single return proposal is impracticable, and that reducing overlaps and increasing efficiencies would be best achieved by a single return administered by the CRA. As well, international agreements such as those aimed at fighting tax evasion are signed between central governments, and Québec would not be in a position to perform the federal government’s work in this area.  

Because of the importance of this issue to so many of our members, we would like share the views, as we understand them, of the four federal parties running candidates across Canada, as well as those of the Bloc Québecois and the People’s Party of Canada.

Is your party in favour of a single tax return for Québec residents?

  • Liberal Party of Canada: opposed to the proposal
  • Conservative Party of Canada: favours the proposal
  • Bloc Québecois: favours the proposal
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: first supported, now opposes the proposal
  • Green Party of Canada: currently no official position on this issue, but candidates in Quebec have indicated support for the proposal
  • People’s Party: currently no position on this issue