Election 2019: Conservatives plan deep cuts to public services you rely on

Last week, the Conservative party platform revealed cuts to government operations which will dramatically reduce public services Canadians need.

"This is Harper’s cuts on steroids. It’s going to hurt Canadians and the public services they rely on," said Debi Daviau, PIPSC President. "Once again, Conservatives are trying to eliminate the evidence that’s required to create sound policy for all of Canada."

If elected, a Scheer government would cut government operations by $14.4 billion over five years. Measures for cost-cutting could include freezing government staffing levels and reducing the size of workspaces for public servants.

Hiring freezes and layoffs in the public service will have repercussions on all Canadians who rely on public servants to protect the environment, their food and their health and safety.

According to an analysis done by the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy, these cuts are bigger than the cuts made by the Harper government.

Canadians cannot afford to go backwards. Vote for public services.

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