Steven Fréchette

I have been a PIPSC member since 1994. I started my career in the Public Service in 1992 with Transport Canada at the CS-01 level at the Montreal and Mirabel airports and as a CS-02 in the regional office for Finance and Administration. In 1996, I transferred to the Joliette Institute for Women (CSC), still as a CS-02. I have been a steward since 2015 and have taken on various responsibilities in that role. I began doing union representation with CS members specifically. Afterward, I moved on to regional and national consultation at the CSC for matters affecting CS members. I sat on the CS Job Description Committee for the CSC and I am also on the local OSH Committee for my building. Since September 2020, I have been Regional Consultation President for CSC for the Quebec Region. This role allows me to get to know the reality of other PIPSC members such as SH and PG. I try to involve as many members as possible to ensure that the work at hand is shared appropriately, but also to keep them engaged. Teamwork is key for me, and my approach is based on negotiation rather than confrontation. I strongly believe that my experience and skills will help me make a positive contribution to the Executive.