Stacy McLaren

My name is Stacy McLaren and I am asking for your support to re-elect me as member at large for the CS National Executive.

I am a very proud CS02 who works at Shared Services Canada and I am a regular member of PIPSC. I work hard, accept challenges, get tasks done and try to be the best activist and steward I can be. I have been active and participated in many great initiatives for the CS Group and PIPSC.

For me, the members of the CS Group have been and always will be a priority. I am committed to promoting the CS Group inside and outside of PIPSC.

The following are the most important reasons why I am asking for your support. If elected I want to accomplish the following goals:

• To actively participate in continuing to shape the future of PIPSC and the CS Group so that we strengthen ourselves to fight back against contracting out.
• To promote the CS Group and its members in the public and the workplace
• To make sure that all member interests are listened to, as collectively it is the members that are our union.
• To put all my hard work, skills and knowledge into protecting the future of the Group and Institute as a member of the CS Group executive
• To represent you the members at the national level within the group and PIPSC.

I have actively participated on the following executives:

• CS Group National Executive (2013-present) as member at large (2013), membership officer (since 2013 to 2017, 2018 to present) and Secretary (2017 to 2019), Co-Chair of the National Organizing Committee (2018 to present)
• DFAIT CS Subgroup (2009-2012) as Member at large (2009), Vice chair (2009-2011) and Treasurer (2011-2012)
• Ottawa Centreville Branch (2009-2011) as a member at large
• National Capital Region (2011-present) as member at large (2011-2012), branch coordinator (2011 to 2018), vice chair (2012-2014) and secretary (2014 to 2018)
• National Capital Region Chief Steward (2018 to present)

I have been and continue to be active:

• As a Steward from 2005 to present
• As a member of the National and Regional Organizing Committees for the CS Group
• As a member of the consultation teams at DFAIT and SSC from 2006 to 2013
• As a member of the NCR regional executive
• As the Consultation team president for Global Affairs Canada 2016 to 2018

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

I have an open door communication policy. You can reach me the following ways:

Cell phone: 613-799-3069