Call to Order:

The meeting was held at the Innisfail Discovery Wildlife Park at 1PM

The minutes from the 2018 were adopted as distributed, with no business arising from them.

Attendees: 5 PIPSC members attended with family. Vince Mulhall, Dr. Dave Cartledge, Linda Syssoloff, Dr. Chris Beiderbeck and Dr. Tammy Dalzell.

Old Business:  We asked all present to think about being PIPSC Stewards the upcoming PIPSC training session in Winnipeg this fall.

Financial Report: On March 29th, 2019 the bank balance was $XXXXXX.

New Business:

  1. Election of Officers was held for 2019-2020:
  1. President is Vince Mulhall
  2. Vice President Position is vacant
  3. Secretary/Treasurer is Dr. Dave Cartledge
  1. Prairie/NWT Regional Steward’s Council will be in Edmonton at the West Edmonton Mall on Friday, September 20th and Saturday, September 21st.
  2. Prairie/NWT Basic Steward’s training will be in Winnipeg on Oct. 3rd, 4th & 5th
  3. Our National PIPSC AGM will be in Gatineau on Friday, November 8th and Saturday, Nov. 9th

Round Table: Discussed a 5 day additional annual leave due to Phoenix issues; SAGE and the National Association of Federal Retirees

Regular Executive and Member meetings:  Tentatively suggested for Thursday, September 12th, 2019. All members are welcome for FREE Pizza and refreshments☺.

Next AGM meeting: Moved by Tammy, seconded by Chris to hold it on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 at the Innisfail Discovery Wildlife Park☺.

 Adjournment: 2PM☺