2018 Ottawa South Branch AGM

DATE: Thursday September 20, 2018
TIME: 4:30 p.m. Registration and Meet and Greet
5:00 p.m. Dinner and Dessert
6:00 p.m. Meeting
LOCATION: RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X7

DRAFT Minutes

1. Chair: Steve Hindle (PIPSC Vice President)
Welcomed members to the AGM

2. Roll Call of Executive Members:
President: Madeline Blais (RMG - NAVCAN retired)
Vice-President & Treasurer: Rob Wloch (CRA)
Secretary & Member at Large: Xuede Chen (CRA)
CRA Representative: Yannick Effe Bibang (CRA)
NAVCAN Representative: Truc Nguyen (NAVCAN)
Member-at-Large: Chris Siu (CRA)
Member-at-Large: Juli Kwan (CRA)
Member-at-Large: Jack Stalica (NAVCAN) – (regrets out of town)

3.Approval of Agenda. M: Xuede Chen; S: David Hansen; Carried.

4.Introduction of Guests & Speakers:

Allaudin Alibhai (President, AFS NCR IT Regional Representative) presents;
Greg Scriver (NCR Chair & Director) will join soon.

5.Adoption of Minutes of 2017 AGM -- M: Paul Godin; S: Chris Siu; Carried

6.Business Arising from the 2017 Minutes: None.

7.By-Laws – VP Steve Hindle: No submission for by-law amendment.

8.Guest Speaker -- Allaudin Alibhai - President, AFS NCR IT Regional Representative

Spoke of the AFS CS Subgroup changes and bargaining focus: payroll (Phoenix) issue, parental leave, Family Day – PIPSC National level; and sick leave to EWSP; compassionate care; workplace harassment.

Answered several questions about sick leave to EWSP and informed delegates that any deal on ESWP will be voted separately.

9.Election: Introduction of Election Committee:
Chair: Paul Godin (Jack Stalica - absent)
Committee Members: Xuede Chen and Yannick Effe Bibang

10. Elections for positions of:

  • Vice President - 2 year term
  • NAVCAN Rep – 2 year term
  • Member-at-Large Rep (2 positions) – 2 year term


  • Vice President – Rob Wloch nominated (acclaimed)
  • NAVCAN Rep – Michael Diec nominated (acclaimed)
  • Members at large – Chris Siu and Juli Kwan elected

(Three nominations:
Gus Alswiti; Chris Siu; Juli Kwan)

Motion to destroy the ballots: M: David Hansen S: Ann Perry – Carried.

11.Report of the President – Madeline Blais

Congratulated Chris Siu – a recipient of an Unsung Hero award at the NCR Council in April.

Thanked Pej for his service after stepping down as OSB Treasurer and NAVCAN Representative late last year and explained subsequent changes in the OSB Executive.

Itemized the list of events and activities since last AGM which can be found on PIPSC OSB website. In the planning stage of more activities in November and over the winter.

Summarized the rallies and events to stop Bill C-27, support by PIPSC and Ottawa Committee for Pension Security (OCPS) of CUPE members at Carleton University to retain their pension in March,

Support for the PIPSC Legacy Foundation which provides scholarships particularly the tickets which were received for an OSB skating event and used to raise funds for the charity.

The OSB survey in February was used to generate suggestions for the OSB activities along with the contest for the hockey tickets. Described process how winning tickets were pulled at PIPSC HQ.

Described the benefits of remaining with PIPSC when retired and being part of the Retired Members Guild (RMG).

Spoke to the NCR Council and CLC and how PIPSC is supporting members.
Spoke to upcoming 100th anniversary of PIPSC and to look to PIPSC activities.

Requested members to check PIPSC and OSB website for information.

National Election year – check out the biographies and become informed on the issue s and to please vote.

Thank you for attending union activities and thanked speakers, OSB Executives and RA centre for the AGM.

12.Financial Report: Treasurer – Rob Wloch

The Financial Report covered the expenses from October 2017 AGM to December 2017 and January 2018 to August 2018, separately, to facilitate new requirement for budgeting, planned for September 2018 to December 2018, and the budget for 2019.

We had less funding from Oct 2017 to Sep 2018 than previous period of Oct 2016 to Sep 2017, therefore fewer events and lower expenses in 2018 than in 2017. We have budgeted similar funding and expenses for 2019. New allocation will be determined by Dec 31, 2018. Funding formula - $10 per member and $8 after first 1000 members.

Rob Wloch moved: Acceptance of Treasurer report and budget– Approved and carried.

13.Other Business – Steve Hindle

14.Chair Steve Hindle updated on PIPSC National.

Greetings from President Debi Daviau; Update that Gordon Bulmer had won Public Service award.
The Chair updated on Phoenix project; noted the report on fairness for paying taxes; new round of bargaining; 1300 new (including 1000+ CS) members from RCMP although none located in OSB; new wording on leave covered by Domestic Violence Act added to some collective agreements.

15.Greg Scriver updated on PIPSC NCR Regional.

Just returned from meeting with National Joint Council in Montreal (NJC) – 11 federal unions participating. Update on pension Bill C-27 – still at first reading – longest bill sitting. Greg is the PIPSC lead on the opposition to Bill C-27, Greg again noted that OSB is one of the most active branches.

  • Questions from Ann Perry: Communications - Is it possible to send reminders for event registrations?

Answer: Steve Hindle explained how PIPSC sends the posting.

Further question from Rob Wloch: Can we have an IT tool send reminders automatically?
Answer from Greg Scriver: Yes. When put in request for email can ask for a reminder to be sent but reminder would be sent to all OSB members, not just those who registered.

  • Questions from Ann Perry: How does the money split with other branches for joint events?

Answer: Rob Wloch explained – each branch pays only for the actual registrants/attendees from its own branches.

  • Questions from Ann Perry: Why was the Mont Cascade event invitation sent right before or on the due date?

Answer from Greg Scriver: It was sent on Friday afternoon but due on next Monday.

  • Greg noted that after September 14, PIPSC sends emails in HTML format so should have more information.
  • Questions from another member: PIPSC has so many branches which cause communication issues. Can we make it better?

Answer from Steve Hindle: No. It’s PIPSC organization nature.
Answer from Greg Schiver: PIPSC has a matrix organization structure consisting of bargaining groups and regions/branches. There are 16 Branches.

16.Adjournment -- M: David Hansen; S: Ann Perry; Carried.