DATE: Thursday October 3, 2019

TIME: 4:30 p.m. Registration and Meet and Greet

5:00 p.m. Dinner and Dessert

6:00 p.m. Meeting

LOCATION: RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X7

DRAFT Minutes

  1. Chair: Lucienne Bahuaud

            Welcomed members to the AGM


  1. Roll Call of Executive Members:


President: Madeline Blais (RMG - NAVCAN retired)

Vice-President & Treasurer: Rob Wloch (CRA)

Secretary & Member at Large: Xuede Chen (CRA)

CRA Rep: Yannick Effe Bibang (CRA)

NAVCAN Rep: Michael Diec (NAVCAN)

Member-at-Large: Chris Siu (CRA)

Member-at-Large: Jack Stalica (NAVCAN)

Member-at-Large: Juli Kwan (CRA)

  1. Approval of Agenda. M: Yannick Effe Bibang; S: Juli Kwan; Carried.
  1. Introduction of Guests & Speakers:

Allaudin Alibhai could not  be present.

  1. Adoption of Minutes of 2018 AGM  -- M: Xuede Chen; S: Yannick Effe Bibang; Carried.
  1. Business Arising from the 2018 Minutes: None.
  1. By-Laws – Lucienne Bahuaud: No submission for by-law recommendation.
  1. Guest Speaker -- Allaudin Alibhai - President, AFS NCR IT Rep

Allaudin Alibhai could not present.

The Chair, Lucienne Bahuaud, spoke about PIPSC 100 Year Anniversary Celebration.

  1. Election: Introduction of Election Committee:

Chair: Paul Godin

Committee Members: Juli Kwan, Chris Siu, Mike Diec and David Marleau

  1. Elections for positions of:
    • President - 2 year term
    • CRA Rep – 2 year term
    • Member-at-Large Rep (2 positions) – 2 year term

Lucienne Bahuaud clarified the confusions on the election by-laws.


    • President – Madeline Blais (acclaimed)
    • CRA Rep – Yannick Effe Bibang (elected)
    • Members at large – Xuede Chen and Jack Stalica (elected)

Motion to destroy the ballots: M: Paul Godin   S: Dave Marleau      – Carried.

  1. Report of the President – Madeline Blais

Thanks to the Chair.

Itemized the list of events and activities since last AGM which can be found on PIPSC OSB website. In the planning stage of more activities in December.

Thanks to all the attendees for continuing support to union activities.

Motion to approve the President Report -- M: Madeline Blais; S: Michael Diec; Carried.

  1. Financial Report: Treasurer – Rob Wloch

The Financial Report covered the expenses from September 2018 AGM to December 2018 and January 2019 to August 2019, separately, to facilitate new requirement for budgeting, planned for September 2019 to December 2019, and the budget for 2020.

We had similar expenses in 2019 to 2018. We have budgeted similar funding and expenses for 2020. New allocation will be determined by Dec 31, 2019.

Motion to approve the Treasurer report – M: Rob Wloch; S: Paul Godin; Carried.

  1. Other Business – Lucienne Bahuaud
  • CRA Public Century Club – persons of 25 years of public services can join.

Madeline Blais explained OSB may need to keep the balance forward to fund activities/events in January & February 2020 since the new allocation will not come into OSB account until February 2020.

Chair advised that a motion from the floor can direct the Executive to contribute $2000 of OSB balance to the Legacy Foundation Scholarship.

Motion: OSB contribute $2000 of OSB balance to the Legacy Foundation Scholarship for PIPSC 100-Year Anniversary Celebration. (Arnold Smith) – carried.

It was then clarified that the funds could be from the 2020 allocation or from the balance of the 2019 allocation and was to be only for this year’s 100th year anniversary and not on-going.

  1. Adjournment -- M: Xuede Chen; S: Jack Stalica; Carried.