General Meeting

Wednesday April 5, 2017

11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Mystico Restaurant, Ottawa

Present :
Steve Anderson
Christian Baillargeon
Jean Boulet
Manuel Cruz
Nick Schonning
Dong Xiao

1.    The meeting started at 12:00 pm.

2.    Review and adoption of agenda
a.    Motion to adopt made by Christian Baillargeon
b.    Seconded by Nick Schonning.
c.    Motion adopted

3.    Our president asked if anyone wanted to change position on the executive.
a.    Status quo
b.    Motion to adopt made by Dong Xiao
c.    Seconded by Christian Baillargeon.
d.    Minutes approved

4.    Some members indicated their interest to be part of the executive.
a.    It would be possible to have more Members at large. This came from a member in Crémazie and Jean Edmonds.

5.    Roundtable
a.    A question was raised on who pays for the printing of info to members
the executive’s budget.
Answer: to use the executive’s budget and not the employer.

6.    Future events, bowling, ice cream, matinée movie.
a.    A consensus was reached to try to have 3 events
NHQ (Ottawa), Crémazie, combined

7.    Next meeting to be held in May.

8.    Adjournment.
a.    Motion to adjourn was made by Jean Boulet at 1:10 pm.
b.    Seconded by Manuel Cruz
c.    Motion adopted.