Northern Branch Annual General Meeting

November 21, 2018

Atlantic Host Conference Room

 Bathurst, New Brunswick

Branch President’s Welcome – Gilles Comeau welcomed all those in attendance including our invited guest Kim Skanes (Director of the Atlantic Region). Kim was recently re-elected to another 3 year term in her position. A reminder that translation systems are available at the rear of the room for those requiring that service.

Agenda –agenda was circulated with the removal of Shawn O’Reilly PIPSC VP as he is not in attendance. Motion for approval of the agenda by Gilles Comeau and seconded by Michel Basque, motion carried.

Adoption of the 2017 AGM Minutes – Minutes from the 2017 AGM circulated and reviewed by members present. Motion for the adoption of the minutes by Gilles Comeau and seconded by Sylvie LeBlanc. Motion carried and minutes adopted.

Branch President’s Report – Gilles reported that he has attended many meetings during the last year including a President’s Meeting and Atlantic Regional Council. The Northern Branch Executive has also had 6 meetings as well as a Social Event of supper and a Titan’s Hockey Game this fall.

Multiple collective agreements have been signed with the SH Group NU Class (Nurses) continuing to experience delays with many members without the right pay scale or the retro payment issued. Phoenix has created many issues that are ongoing for members.

Bill C27 pension issues and Sick leave changes continue to be discussed with concern. 

Motion submitted by Gilles Comeau and seconded by Michel Basque to accept the report, carried.

Treasurer’s Report-   The report was circulated and reviewed for 2017 with the boat ride activity in Miramichi and the AGM as the majority of the expenses. The balance was $3714.52 at year-end for Dec 31, 2017. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report made by Barb DiCandido and seconded by Guy Savoie, motion carried.

Special Guest (Kim Skanes)- Kim Skanes Director of the Atlantic Region was in attendance, she thanked the Branch for the invitation to attend the AGM and invited members to speak with her about the issues concerning the membership. That being said Phoenix continues to be an issue and they are looking at replacement programs in early spring but it may be many years before the outstanding issues are resolved.

Dental Plan PSAC got new benefits that other union swill be pursuing as well and if they are not in affect by Jan 1, 2019 it will be Jan 1 of 2020 instead.

The PIPSC National AGM discussed with the new change to remove the cap on the size of the AGM with an associated cost of approximately 500 thousand per year.  Concerns were expressed regarding the cost associated with this plan and it is likely to revert to a capped number.

Regional goals include attempting to engage the membership by having meet and greets prior to meetings in any given city. NB Pensions for provincial members are a challenge. Addition of 1500 civilian RCMP members to PIPSC arose as a result of a court challenge in May, out ot the 1500 new members 200 of them are from the Halifax and Fredericton area.

A long term lease of 10 years has been signed on the building in Ottawa seeing 2/3 of it now occupied.

A reminder that Lunch and Learn sessions are also available on the topics of Pensions, LTD, and Dental and Benefits upon request to the Regional Office.

Sick Leave changes continue to evolve and will be voted on separately by the membership rather than with a contract. Presentations by the Wellness committee will be done prior to explain the proposed changes.

Feb 11 and 12th, 2019 will be Lobby Days on the Hill where members will be meeting with their MPs to discuss topics of concern to the membership.

Elections (President, Secretary, and Member at Large x1)- Gilles passed the chair to Kim Skanes to conduct the election business. The process used was to call for names from the floor 3 times, if the candidate accepts the nomination then the vote held. Gilles Comeau (president), Becky Tozer (secretary) and Guy Savoie (Member at Large) were all elected by acclamation.

Upcoming Activities

Gilles reported that the last union this year’s activities were well attended anyone with suggestions for future activities please make an executive member aware.

Other Business

Executive to stay for a brief meeting afterward

Draw for Door Prizes – various PIPSC swag was given to those in attendance.

Motion for adjournment proposed by Gilles Comeau and seconded by Michel Basque

Meeting adjourned at 1830Hrs.

Respectfully Submitted

Becky J. Tozer



Restaurant The Goodie Shop,

20 Fountain Head LN

Miramichi, NB

Date : Tuesday October 15, 2019

Time : 5:00 PM lunch will be served

Time : 6:00 PM AGM will start


The Northern New Brunswick Branch invite you to his annual genaral meeting on Tuesday October 15, 2019(A supper wil be served (sandwich, dessert, tea/coffee) starting at 5:00 PM and the AGM will start at 6:00 PM.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Approval of the 2018 AGM minutes
  3. President's report
  4. Treasurer's report
  5. Special guest (Kim Skanes Atlantic President )
  6. Election (vice-président, secretary (one year term), , 1 member at large)
  7. Coming activities
  8. Other
  9. Door prizes

Come and listen to our Atlantic President, Kim Skanes speeche, and ask whatever question(s) you would like to or discuss with Kim. 

A pleasure to see you all

Gilles Comeau

or e-mail: