Executive Meeting 21 November 2016

Lake Melville Branch

Location: Bentley’s Restaurant

Time: 12:00 pm, Monday 21 November 2016

In Attendance:

Tony Chubbs (President)

Colin O’Brien (Vice President)

Trevor Kennedy (Secretary/Treasurer)

Meeting called to order at 12:10 pm

The agenda was approved by all

President’s Notes:

- Tony provided a brief overview of the May Atlantic Regional Committee meeting he attended 27-28 May 2016.

- Resolution to increase allocation to Northern Regions by 20% passed at PIPSC AGM and will result in a $28 increase to our allocation (14 x $2(additional 20% of $10) = $28

- provided roles and responsibilities of executive members information sheet and financial information and quiz

Branch AGM:

- Meeting being organized for Friday 25 Nov 2016 noon at Bentley’s by Colin

- Trevor preparing financial report and agenda

- Congratulations to Pat Loder for being recognized as Steward of the Year

Branch Event

- there was some discussion on future Branch events and special funding that can be requested (lunch and Learns etc.)

- Trevor to order some promotional PIPSC store merchandise for members

Meeting ended 1:15 pm.