4 October 2021



HELD 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 @ 1700 HRS

Members in Attendance:

Marcel Journeay, President

Eva Henshaw, Vice President

Christina Hymers, Treasurer

8 PIPSC Members


Graham Joanisse, Secretary


1. Marcel Journeay called the meeting to order at 1715 hrs.


2.    Marcel welcomed all present.   Eva Henshaw will be taking minutes in the absence of  the secretary.  The agenda was presented and moved by Christina Hymers, seconded by Jonathan Tweedie.  All approved.  The minutes from the last Branch AGM, October 2019, were reviewed. Marcel moved to have the minutes accepted, seconded byBruce Deveau, nil opposed. 





a.    Treasurer’s Report. Christina presented the year’s treasurer report to all for review. All monies owed have been received. After reviewing the budget for 2021 a resolution to modify the budget was put forth seconded by Jonathan Tweedie.  All in favor to accept the resolution.  Acceptance of 2021 budget was moved by Christina, and seconded by Bruce Deveau.  Budget as amended was accepted, nil opposed.

Christina Hymers

b.    Secretary’s Report. Eva announced that the members’ list should contain a personal email in order to reach members with info during the phase of many working from home.  New members of the branch were mentioned as well as those who have retired in the past year.   Motion to accept by Eva, seconded by Christina Hymers. Accepted by all present. 


c.    President’s Report. Marcel gave a welcome to a new member of the branch who attended.  He gave his report on the past year’s activities, including attendance to the last ARC by Eva   Marcel mentioned how long he has been in the president role and how if someone new were to take on the role, he would still continue to assist and do consultation.  He talked about our Christmas out-reach held last year was quite successful considering the pandemic situation.  Marcel announced that if the election did not result in someone stepping up to take president, he would act in the interim .  Questions were brought forward around funding and quorum.  Motion to accept by Marcel, seconded by Dave Kholi. Accepted by all present.


d.    Executive Elections. Marcel explained the positions that are up for election.  Christina asked members for any nominations of those positions.  Nominations were closed.  Dave Kholi was appointed as Secretary.  No volunteers or nominations were given for President.  Marcel will be the interim president and asked for the executive to actively seek for someone to take on the president role with the executive having the power to appoint.

Branch Executive

e.    Dave Kholi was appointed as Secretary. Nil opposed. The Greenwood Branch executive consists of:

Marcel Journeay – Interim Branch President
Eva Henshaw – Branch Vice-President
Christina Hymers-  Branch Treasurer
Dave Kholi– Branch Secretary


a.    Discussions around upcoming events took place. 
October 13 – Lunch & Learn
November 10/17 – Theatre night
Dec 21 – Christmas Event
Bruce Deveau suggested a Deep Sea Fishing expedition as a future event.  Suggestions around new events as well as visibility items were discussed.

6.    ADJOURNMENT.  Meeting adjournment was moved by Christina Hymers, seconded by Jonathan Tweedie.  Adjournment at 1810 hrs.

Original signed by

E. Henshaw

Original signed by

M Journeay

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Executive Members
PIPSC Region Halifax