The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Nino Mangione

Nino Mangione – Resume
BASc in Systems Design Engineering
Position Sought – CS Executive Member at Large

Steward since 2012
President CS Ottawa West Subgroup 6 years, Treasurer 2 years
Vice-President Health Canada National Consultation Committee 6 years
Member National / Regional Organizing Committee (NOC/ROC)

I am currently in the twilight of my career, which means I now have an enormous amount of time to devote to union activities. In addition, my management is very union friendly allowing me free time to engage in union activities. In short, I have the time and ambition to support our members.

My goal for this term of office would be to support CS Group activities by carrying on great initiatives such as Action on Contracting Out. The Contracting Out Action Team (COAT) has been working tirelessly pouring through the billions of dollars of contracting offers and challenging those which could compromise CS jobs. I do not know how many hours a week they put into this on our behalf and I would like to help them out.

Bargaining is another area that will soon require attention as the contract signed just this February expires at the end of December this year.

We CS members currently have a strong executive however; I hear that some may be retiring soon. They will be missed. As a rookie member, I trust that their guidance will direct my enthusiasm to where it will best serve all of you.

These are just examples where I will pour all of my energy into supporting the efforts of the Computer Science Group.

I ask you now for your support, not just for me but also for your union, to take this fight to the next level. Thank You