EWSP Update #3

Developing the Program and Reaching out to Members - Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP) Update #3

The PIPSC EWSP Advisory Team has been meeting since last August, providing advice and guidance for the Technical Committee that is working with Treasury Board to develop the proposed new wellness regime.  The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between PIPSC and Treasury Board in late 2016 sets out the key EWSP features and the process for developing the program.

We have developed the EWSP Vision and Guiding Principles and are working on program design features including flowcharts and definitions. To ensure that we have the best information to develop the EWSP, we’ve received presentations on case management and other topics from a number of organizations.  Our target date for completion is September 2018 but this can be extended by mutual agreement with Treasury Board.

While all of this work has been going on, we’ve received feedback from members saying that they need more information about the EWSP MOA and how it will impact our upcoming negotiations. To ensure that our members have factual and accurate information, our EWSP Advisory Team are now delivering, upon request, presentations about the current status of EWSP to subgroups and branches.