Employee Wellness Support program Advisory Team Terms of reference

In support of the Memorandum of Agreement on the Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP), the Professional Institute of the Public Service has established this committee to direct the negotiations of a new EWSP.


  • Adopt its own Terms of reference.
  • Formulate, direct and approve the work for the PIPSC Technical Committee.
  • Receive and review regular reports on the state of the discussion with TBS after every meeting.
  • Provide input and recommendations to the PIPSC members of the Technical Committee to reflect the needs of the members.
  • Advise PIPSC members of the Technical Committee on approval of the outputs of the Technical Committee.
  • Inform the PIPSC members on the Steering Committee of the Advisory Team agreement of a tentative agreement.


  • Adrienne Turnbull, RE;
  • Ben Lootsma, (substitute: Jennifer Campbell) NUREG;
  • Doug Mason,  (substitute: Chris Roach) AFS;
  • Eva Henshaw, (substitute: Gordon Bulmer) CS;
  • Frederick Jamieson, CFIA;
  • Jennifer Carr (Substitute: Dale Hudson), NR ;
  • Lynn Ohlson, (Substitute: Colin Muise)  SH;
  • Ray Paquette (substitute: Peter Gabriel), AV;
  • Waheed Khan, SP;
  • Sean O’Reily, VP;
  • Brigitte Jolin, AA Negotiations, Pension and Benefits;
  • Dejan Toncic, Pension and Benefits
  • Cathrine Wright, Research
  • Richard Beaulé, National Labour Relations
  • Vance Coulas, ERO.


  • Members of the Advisory Team can attend by electronic means.
  • 7 of the 9 members, 5 of 7 core (CPA and AFS) and 1 of 2 separate employers.
  • A second group representative can attend meetings as needed.

Meeting norms

  • Opening and closing time; Meetings starting time will be in alternate in between 8:30 or 9:00 and will end 8 hours later.
  • Chair / facilitator – PIPSC staff members will act as Chair.
  • Speakers list will be the way to communicate with preference given to those who have not had a turn to speak on the topic at hand.

Decision making

  • Consensus


  • PIPSC staff will take the minutes and distributed within a week of the meeting.
  • Capture the decisions and follow up items with assignment and time lines.

Calendar of meetings

  • Meeting every 4 weeks.


  • With  the members: updated news letter
  • With the group’s Executive or the Bargaining Team: Advisory Team minutes
  • With the SBC: Reports

Communication / information

  • Email
  • Docushare
  • Plan regular communication to members.

Duties of the member seating on the Technical Committee meetings

  • Represent and report to the Advisory Team members.
  • Minimum of 2 of the 3 mandated members are required to attend the Technical Committee meetings.

Support documentation:

  • Steering Committee Agenda and minutes
  • Technical Committee Agenda and minutes
  • Any document shared by Treasury Board
  • Any professional analysis related EWSP that have been requested by PIPSC
  • Any document related to the EWSP Committee

External expertise support:

  • Subject Matter Expert can be utilize as required.

Appendix A (from the document presented at April SBC)

PIPSC Advisory Team and Technical Committee Working Together

  • The PIPSC Technical Committee will provide written briefings to the Advisory Team after each meeting or series of meeting with the employer updating them on what was discussed, positions taken and agreed items/language (in principle).
  • The PIPSC Technical Committee will hold conference calls and meetings with the Advisory Team to collect feedback, share information and receive guidance from the Advisory Team.
  • The 3 members who are a PIPSC member on the Technical Committee will be responsible for facilitating these meetings in coordination with the PIPSC Negotiations Division.

Strategic Bargaining Committee

The PIPSC Technical Committee will provide the tentative EWSP language and program design to SBC representatives who will take the text to the respective group bargaining team for ratification and inclusion in their collective agreement.