New Departmental Science Advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada

PIPSC welcomes the new Departmental Science Advisor (DSA) at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Dr. Shawn J. Marshall. This appointment acknowledges the important work performed by our dedicated public scientists working at ECCC and across the Government of Canada. A Science Advisor at the departmental level provides excellent opportunities for the development of significant scientific relationships and connections. PIPSC looks forward to a strong collaborative relationship with Dr. Marshall.

We believe that the appointment of a DSA at ECCC signals what Canadians already know – that climate change requires immediate action. Canada needs more, not less, public science. The work of public federal scientists is key to tackling the environmental challenges our country faces.

PIPSC has long championed the need for Science Advisors and called for the creation of the role in the years leading up to the appointment of government-wide Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer. The Institute worked closely with Dr. Nemer and her staff on developing the model and departmental scientific integrity policies and procedures, and continues to collaborate with her towards the ongoing protection and promotion of scientific integrity in the federal government.

We are also pleased that other Departmental Science Advisors have been appointed, including at the National Research Council and the Canadian Space Agency. We look forward to further announcements of new Science Advisors at other Departments and Agencies.