Press Release — PIPSC unveils ‘Navigar’ – A Revolutionary AI-driven career navigation tool for members

Montreal, November 27, 2023 – On the second day of its landmark national convention, PIPSC has unveiled 'Navigar,' an innovative online skills development tool designed to assist members in adapting to the rapidly evolving workplace impacted by AI and machine learning. This ground breaking service, free for PIPSC members, is set to launch in 2024.

“Navigar is more than just a tool; it's a smart, data-driven guide tailored to the unique career aspirations of each member,” said PIPSC President Jennifer Carr. “Whether members aim to excel in their current roles or transition to new professions, Navigar provides vital insights and a customized skills development roadmap.”

Understanding the complexities of career navigation, especially in an era of technological disruption, Navigar is designed to offer personalized planning based on comprehensive data about Canada’s labour market and global employment trends. It equips members with foresight into the future of work, highlighting essential skills and training to remain relevant and competitive. It also connects PIPSC members with a catalogue of available learning opportunities and supports them in seeking employer funding for the training. 

“Members using Navigar will gain a clear understanding of their current professional standing and receive guidance on how to achieve their career objectives,” said Carr. ‘Navigar's unique feature is its ability to generate a personalized skills development plan, which members can share with their employers. This plan not only maps the necessary skills and training for success but also provides crucial insights into the evolving landscape of work.’

PIPSC received a grant from Future Skills Centre to develop Navigar. For more information about Navigar and updates on the launch date, visit

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