Government of Canada and PIPSC to collaborate on pay system solution

June 15, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario – Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat -- National Public Service Week is an opportunity to recognize Canada’s superior public service, which last year was assessed as the most effective in the world by the joint Oxford University and U.K. Institute for Government’s International Civil Service Effectiveness Index.


Canada’s federal public service earned this international recognition even as many employees continue to experience significant pay problems as a result of the failed Phoenix pay system.


No one should have to worry about being paid for their work. These pay problems are completely unacceptable. The Government of Canada is working on solutions to stabilize the existing pay system as quickly as possible and to develop options leading to the next generation system.


Debi Daviau, President of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) and Treasury Board President Scott Brison, representing the Government of Canada, have announced today that they will collaborate using evidence to secure a new, transparent, accurate and integrated, end-to-end HR to pay system.


The government is committed to working with all of its public sector union partners. PIPSC is the second largest public service union and its representation of Government of Canada IT professionals provides a unique perspective on pay system challenges. We believe that public servants should pay public servants and we will work collaboratively to explore all options to ensure that our public service has the best system available.


Together we will develop a new sustainable system based on the principles learned from the errors of the past and drawing on the best ideas from around the world and the talents of our professional public service employees. We will keep a relentless focus on the end user – the public service employees of Canada.


We recognize the urgency of our common goal, which is why the government will continue to use all the resources and expertise of the public service to continue to stabilize the existing Phoenix system while working together to examine the best new path forward, in both the short term and longer term.  




“Developing a next generation HR to pay system for Canada’s world class public service is an opportunity to learn from the lessons of past government-wide transformation projects. We look forward to working with our public service partners and following the evidence as we explore all options for providing the best user experience possible.”

      The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board


"In order to ensure success in the development of a new federal pay system, it is critical that we engage the IT expertise of PIPSC members in the choice and development of a new federal pay system.  It's one of the fundamental lessons we believe should be drawn from the problems with the current system. We look forward to the opportunity to partner on a solution that works for all federal employees." 

      Debi Daviau, President of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

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