Carr on Budget 2022: Welcome progress on tax fairness and funding for CRA to go after tax cheats but serious concerns over spending review

OTTAWA, April 7, 2022 – Jennifer Carr, President of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), welcomed progress in Budget 2022 on a fairer economic recovery, including new investments in CRA going after tax cheats, providing mental health help for Black public service workers, and expanding the Public Sector Pension Investment Board to include union representatives. But Carr expressed serious concern over the government’s Strategic Policy Review.

“Today’s budget makes some welcome progress, especially on investing in CRA to go after tax cheats, increased tax fairness and mental health support for Black public service workers,” said Carr. “But public service professionals have serious questions for the government on what exactly they plan to cut and hope the government doesn't plan to balance the budget on the backs of members of the public service.” 

“We were pleased to see a budget that moves forward on affordable housing and dental care while taking steps towards fairer taxation and implementing pharmacare,” said Carr. “But after public service professionals developed new programs and delivered emergency help to people in record time, it is disappointing the government continues to spend billions a year and rely on advice from costly consultants instead of Canada’s professional public servants.”

“Remote work has helped make progress on creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable public service. But we have concerns about whether the federal government has learned the right lessons from the past two years,” said Carr. “We were hoping to see a more consistent and coherent approach to policies around return to work and creating safe workplaces.”

Additionally, Carr hoped to see new investments in training and upskilling the public service and the restoration of critical science funding.

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