Tax season and Phoenix: make sure you have the right information

With the 2018 tax season upon us, it is critical for PIPSC members to have accurate information as they prepare to file their tax returns. Unfortunately, Phoenix has caused innumerable pay errors for tens of thousands of our members. 

The government publishes a substantial amount of online material about Phoenix and taxes. Please see the following Treasury Board and Canada Revenue Agency web pages for guidance should you have any questions about your specific pay and tax situation:

PIPSC members are reminded that the government has implemented a program that provides for the reimbursement of up to $200 per year for tax advice linked to a Phoenix issue. The government is encouraging its employees to contact their departmental claims officer if they have any questions in this regard and is evaluating each situation on a case by case basis, so our members are encouraged to look into this initiative even if they have incurred more than that amount in seeking the help of a tax expert to address a Phoenix-related matter.

PIPSC members can also call on our Phoenix specialists if they are experiencing pay problems. Our team can be reached at Please visit the PIPSC web page at for more information about Phoenix and what the Institute has been doing to support its members throughout the crisis.