President Daviau delivers strong message on Phoenix to Cabinet Ministers tasked with fixing Phoenix

Dear Members,

Last week I was invited to meet with the Cabinet level working group on the Phoenix pay system to discuss potential solutions. I last met with the Cabinet committee in June 2017 and since then we have sadly seen little to no progress – in fact the problems continue to mount.

I took the time to remind them of the pain and suffering our members are still experiencing due to the Phoenix pay system. I wanted to make sure they do not forget the human side of this fiasco.

I also took the opportunity to deliver some key messages and asked them to do the following:

  • Pay employees correctly and on time!
  • Allocate more resources in departments and agencies to help employees with their pay problems.
  • Nix Phoenix and start building an alternative system – one built by our own government IT professionals.
  • Award damages to compensate for the problems Phoenix has inflicted on so many.
  • Create a tax exemption for those who have experienced overpayments

I believe the Ministers understood the gravity of the issue and are working hard to find solutions. They themselves hear from many federal employees in their MP Constituency offices.  I hope to hear news from them soon on our key priorities – we need to see progress.  With the Federal Budget around the corner I am hopeful we will see a meaningful plan and investment to ensure federal employees are paid correctly and on time.

Help me keep the pressure on government to replace Phoenix with a system that works -- one built by federal IT experts. Email the ministerial working group today.

Debi Daviau