On National Public Service Week, Let’s Fix Phoenix Once and For All

Fellow members,

Since 1992, National Public Service Week (NPSW) has been an occasion to recognize and celebrate the contributions Canada’s public service professionals make to society. The Professional Institute supports this celebration of our members’ accomplishments and their true value to Canadians.

Given, however, the many, still-unresolved problems with the Phoenix pay system, we also feel it is vital we send a message to the federal government this year that failure to accurately and reliably pay federal public employees is no way to recognize them.

For this reason, while we will not be boycotting NPSW events, we will be encouraging PIPSC members to take part in sending a message to our Employer to “fix Phoenix” once and for all during National Public Service Week, June 11-17.

Buttons and other visibility items urging the government to “fix Phoenix” will soon be available for members to order, download and display.

I urge you to join in this effort. After all, we’re worth it, and it is only by working together that we can help ensure the government fixes Phoenix once and for all.

Better Together.

Debi Daviau