Negotiations continue on damages caused by the Phoenix fiasco

PIPSC and other public sector unions are moving forward on negotiations with the government for compensation or damages and interest on money owed for the undue stress and hardships suffered by their members and caused by the Phoenix pay system.

It goes without saying that Institute members have suffered enough since the introduction of the new pay system. Regardless of their pay situation, public service employees continue going to work day in, day out. They need to see movement on the government’s part, given that it’s been two years since the system was first introduced and hundreds of thousands of public servants are still waiting for their correct pay.

The 2018 federal Budget acknowledges that the government needs to work with unions to address the emotional and financial impacts of Phoenix. We will continue to work diligently to ensure PIPSC members have access to adequate compensation.

Visit our Nix Phoenix page to learn more and take action.