Important! Register Overpayments Caused by Phoenix by January 19, 2018

With the 2017 tax season almost here, overpayment situations caused by the Phoenix system can become particularly stressful for government employees.  Pressed by public service bargaining agents, the government has taken a number of steps to ensure public servants are not out-of-pocket as a result of an overpayment.

Most important among these, the government is asking its employees to register any overpayments in order for them to avoid tax issues in the months ahead. To do so, employees should call the special call centre for public servants at 1-855-686-4729 (7 am – 7 pm EST), or visit the Tax and repayment information for employees website for any Phoenix tax-related questions. PIPSC advises its members to keep a record of this call. If employees report their overpayment by January 19, 2018 (a deadline imposed by the government), the latter will recover the exact amount of the overpayment received.  The above site also lists the repayment options available to employees.

Additional information on overpayments and other Phoenix-related issues can be found at: