The dog days of summer -- and Phoenix

Summer may be coming to an end but the problems with Phoenix continue to plague public servants. Although it would be overly optimistic to suggest a fix is imminent, we are seeing some progress. For example, the government is now taking some long-term measures to find the root cause of the problems that have beset the pay modernization system.

Specifically, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has informed the Institute that it is assembling an “Inter-Department Analysis Team,” which will include representatives from various departments, the Treasury Board, vendors and the pay centre. Unions have also been invited to take part. The ministerial working group launched this spring is also reported to be meeting regularly, and we continue to pressure elected officials to do everything in their power to expedite a fix and ensure public servants have adequate access to resources. 

We have also been promised key changes to the pay call centres, as many members have often found them frustrating and of little assistance. Over the last year we have called on PSPC to make the staff in the call centres permanent and equip them to better assist employees.  As we receive updates on new developments we will be sure to keep you posted. 

In the event that your pay issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact your local Employment Relations Officer (ERO) in the regional office nearest to you to help resolve the issue and access emergency or priority pay where the situation warrants.

On April 28, 2017, the Institute filed two policy grievances against the Employer on behalf of members. You can read more about these policy grievances here.

To help us keep the pressure on government to fix Phoenix, we encourage members to wear a “Fix Phoenix” button, available by contacting