Agreement reached on Phoenix damages

“Public service professionals have been waiting for fair compensation for what Phoenix has done to them,” said PIPSC president Debi Daviau. “We will continue to work steadfastly at ensuring that our members receive every dollar that is owed to them, as is their right. Above and beyond that, we’ve secured this settlement so each and every public service professional gets significant and immediate compensation for the hardship they’ve experienced under Phoenix.”

All public service professionals represented by PIPSC will receive a week of paid leave in recognition of the hardship they’ve suffered under the Phoenix pay system.

The Union Management Consultation Subcommittee on Damages has worked diligently over the last 2 years to find a fair and practical solution to damages under Phoenix.

Further details are included in the following press release

“This settlement is a recognition of the damages that our members have suffered under Phoenix,” said Daviau. “We will continue to pursue individual cases of damages and the replacement of the Phoenix pay system.”