The PIPSC Black Caucus

Our union and our members’ employers must actively seek systemic change, foster inclusion for Black members, and build the capacity of anti-racist allies.

In May 2020, police in the United States killed George Floyd which triggered global protests in support of Black Lives Matter movements. The American experience forced a similar recognition of anti-Black racism in Canada. There is now a renewed focus that has encouraged organizations to proactively fight anti-Black racism.

PIPSC is taking up this call, with the leadership of the Black Caucus, a sub-committee of the Human Rights and Diversity Committee.

The Black Caucus envisions an anti-racist PIPSC and anti-racist employers.

The Black Caucus will lead and implement strategies for combating anti-Black racism at PIPSC and with our employers by advising the Human Rights and Diversity Committee on issues and policies that directly relate to anti-Black racism. It will work toward advancing equity for Black members through identifying and eliminating barriers to create environments for members to reach their full potential.

Black Caucus short-term objectives are:

  • develop a three-year strategic plan in line with broader PIPSC’s strategy and the Human Rights and Diversity Committee’s work
  • advance research, programs, and policies to facilitate the full participation of Black members in PIPSC union activities
  • align and centralize existing work on anti-Black racism in the federal public service (research projects, committees, advisory boards) into a centrally accessible and connected mechanism or network

Black Caucus long-term objectives are:

  • lead and implement policies and programs to support PIPSC Black members in their union and workplace
  • engage with anti-racist allies to build capacity across the union and within workplaces

Jennie Esnard, PIPSC NCR Executive Director and Human Rights and Diversity Committee Chair says, “We should be leaders, working proactively to end anti-Black racism in our union and our workplaces”. She said “I’m proud to have worked with Din Kamaldin and Samah Henein to spearhead this initiative and I am proud to receive the full support of our union. I want Black members to be heard and lead our work to end anti-Black racism.”

Black members will be invited to participate as members of the Black Caucus by submitting an application (soon to be available) to the Human Rights and Diversity Committee.