Women in Science Toolkit

The Women in Public Sector Science Toolkit is a living library of resources, tools and best practices – all with the aim of advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in public sector science.

The objective of this toolkit is to equip women, non-binary members and allies to advance and support equity, diversity and inclusion in public sector science. “A challenged world is an alert world – and from challenges comes change. As the theme for International Women’s Day 2021 encourages us, let’s all #ChooseToChallenge,” stated PIPSC VP Norma Domey. 

The Women in Science Task Force and the Lab participants’ wealth of experience and expertise have made this toolkit. Their voices are reflected in this toolkit. Together, we present this guide for those in public sector science who see themselves encountering barriers in their workplaces.

This toolkit is also for people in more privileged groups. We call on our allies to support our work to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in public sector science workplaces and to share the load so it is not only our burden to carry.

"A huge thank you to all our Women in Science member-led teams across Canada and PIPSC staff for producing an extensive toolkit towards addressing these systemic challenges,” said PIPSC VP Norma Domey. 

The Women in Science Initiative is inclusive of racialized women, Indigenous women, nonbinary people, transgender women, women with disabilities, LGBTQI2S+ people and women experiencing any other system or form of oppression. When we say women, we mean all women.

Each section of our toolkit covers a barrier, experience or reality for women in science. You will find tools, resources and best practices to inform and inspire action.

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The Women in Science team sees this toolkit as a living library of resources. It is a dynamic and community-led resource. We will continue to add to and expand this toolkit to meet new equity challenges in public sector science workplaces. We see this toolkit as a starting point, rather than a finish line.

If you have content that you would like to see in the toolkit, please send it to bettertogether@pipsc.ca to be included in a regular update.