Reappointment of Dr. Mona Nemer

We are pleased to learn that the Government of Canada has reappointed Dr. Mona Nemer as the government’s Chief Science Advisor (CSA).

On September 10, PIPSC President Debi Daviau sent a letter to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry advocating for the reappointment of Dr. Nemer.

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Public science plays a critical role in keeping people in Canada safe. It drives the innovation that sustains our economy and keeps our key industries globally competitive. The role of CSA in this regard, and in supporting our country’s scientific infrastructure and researchers, cannot be overstated.

We have an excellent working relationship with Dr. Nemer.

Her leadership and collaboration on the scientific integrity file have been instrumental in helping to embed scientific integrity within the federal government. This policy provides a framework for science-based decision-making in the federal government and ensures open public discussion of our members’ research.