PIPSC Women in Science take on barriers!

The first ever PIPSC Women in Science Learning Lab brought together women and non-binary people in federal Public Sector science. Participants from across regions and groups met to take on the challenges they face in the workplace.

This three-day collaboration of 30 scientists created a new toolkit and some strategic micro projects.

The event opened with leadership stories from:

  • Ms. Rumina Velshi, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 
  • Nancy Hamzawi, Assistant Deputy Minister for Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Norma Domey, National Vice President, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada 

Participants focused on systemic solutions to remove barriers experienced by women in science to create micro-projects in their own workplaces. These projects focus on:

  • modernizing parenthood policies in the public service
  • reviewing gender bias in internal research funding

  • creating a tool to set up a women in science network in your own workplace
  • developing regional learning labs
  • changing culture in scientific integrity using an equity, diversity and inclusion lens
  • advocating for gende-inclusive bathrooms in public workplaces
  • Implementing a Women in Science mentorship program

Learning Lab participants also developed the Women in Science toolkit which will provide resources, tools to develop workplace allies and links to existing mentorship programs. This toolkit responds to the barriers identified in the 2018 PIPSC Report, Women in Public Sector Science: From Analysis to Action.

Stay tuned for updates as the Women in Science micro-projects roll out over the next few months!