Infographic: Family care, maternity and parental leave in the federal public service

Many employees in the federal public sector are not aware of their entitlements relating to parental leave, family care and leave. These entitlements are in place to help employees with parental and caregiving responsibilities have a better work-life balance. Not knowing about their entitlements, however, means some employees don’t use these provisions.

Recognizing this issue, the Women in Science project team at PIPSC developed infographics depicting the general maternity, parental and family care leave entitlements, and return to work rights, available to federal public sector employees.

While the information in the infographics is almost exclusively from 5 collective agreements (RE, NR, SP, SH and AV) and Employment Insurance, most of the entitlements are common across different groups.

We hope that you will find the infographics to be a useful resource in helping you better understand and learn about your rights and entitlements as a parent and/or carer.

Parental leave graphic