Calendar of Activities

Function: FTQ Substance Dependance & Addiction Ctte

Dates: Mar 24, 2020

Location: Montreal

Travel Authorization Number (TAN): 27127

Meeting ID: 28496

Travel Reservation Deadline:

Your confirmation of participation, travel & accomodations, reservations
and special requests must be received no later than: Mar 05, 2020


Interpretation has not been requested for this event.

Contact information:

PIPSC Staff Resource: Anne Renaud   Telephone: 5635  e-Mail:

BCD Travel:   Telephone: 8667687624  e-Mail:

Mar 24, 2020

Event: Cté Dépendance et toxicomanie FTQ

Location: FTQ Office ,   565 Boul. Crémazie Est Montréal Qc H2M 2W3

Meals provided:


Local Members:

Please contact the staff resource to confirm whether or not you will be attending. Please advise the staff resource if you require a cash advance or have any special requests.

Out-of-Town Members

Please contact BCD Travel to book your travel or to confirm that you will be driving to the meeting and to make your hotel reservations. You are not required to contact the staff resource to confirm your travel arrangements, however, please advise the staff resource if you require a cash advance or have any special requests.

When booking a flight, members are responsible for payment of any additional costs associated with stop-over for personal reasons. Please provide BCD Travel with credit card information at the time reservations are made.

Important Information

All claims for expenses should be submitted for reimbursement within 180 days after the date the expenses were incurred. If the claim is not received within the aforementioned timeframe, 10% of the adjusted approved amount claimed will be deducted each month thereafter.

Costs incurred by PIPSC as a result of a failure by a member to cancel a guaranteed hotel reservation will be recovered from the member.

Members using a private motor vehicle can claim the actual kilometres driven up to a maximum of $700. However, compensatory salary and meal expenses will be reimbursed based on travel by plane.