Unveiling our 100th anniversary mural

This year marks our 100th anniversary as a union committed to leading progress. 

To celebrate the role that members like you play in protecting and supporting communities, we invited Ottawa artist Ryan Smeeton to create a mural that represents the diverse work you do. 

Over the course of a month, Ryan worked to paint 100 years of progress. In this piece, he captured the importance of our members’ work and the spirit of PIPSC. 

“My goal is to create a mural that captures the spirit of PIPSC’s purpose: building community to act collectively to improve its members’ lives,” he said. “I represent this in my design with a linear composition featuring three figures; the first figure is seen pouring seeds from her palm, the second is seen holding a sapling, and the third is seen gazing out into the future.”

Ottawa photographer Cory Conty worked by Ryan’s side to develop a video time-lapse of the mural from concept to creation — truly bringing the project to life. 

At PIPSC, we’re excited to be kicking off a new century of accomplishment with a mural that honours the impacts of our members over the last 100 years. 

We will continue to celebrate our century of success at our AGM this November. 

We thank Ryan for helping us bring this mural to life, Cory for the stunning footage, and our neighbours at Dustbane for supporting this project.