Solidarity with the Assembly of First Nations

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is asking for our support. The current parliamentary session will end mid-June and the AFN is asking us to sign three crucial petitions.

When passed, Bill C-262 will be a commitment from the federal government to act in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Bill C-91 will create the Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages to protect and promote the fifty-eight distinct languages and ninety dialects in Canada. Languages are central to First Nations’ identities, cultures, spirituality, histories, and self-determination.

Canada must address the thousands of First Nations children taken from their families and placed in government care. Bill C-92 aims to protect First Nations children by prioritizing prevention over apprehension and ensuring children are kept in their homes or communities whenever possible.


President Debi Daviau has signed the petitions, please take the time now to add your support. These important pieces of legislation must be addressed before the parliamentary session ends. If not, this work will be lost and new bills will need to be introduced after the next federal election – a major setback on these issues.