Privatization at the Department of National Defence

To our members at the Department of National Defence (DND),

As you are certainly aware, the federal government has just awarded a huge $5B contract to the private sector “for in service support, including refit, repair and maintenance and training for the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and Joint Support Ships (JSS).”

This latest example of the Department’s over-reliance on outsourced services follows the recent Strong, Secure, and Engaged report, which left little doubt that outsourcing will form a major part of DND’s future. The government appears unwilling to acknowledge the need to invest in its own professionals, who work tirelessly to support the Canadian military.

Instead of outsourcing Canada’s security and defence capability to the private sector, DND should reduce its dependence on external contractors and begin reinvesting in the public service professionals it already employs. Decreasing federal reliance on public-private partnerships should also be a priority.

I have written to the Minister of National Defence not only to make sure he is aware of our members’ concerns, but to call for an immediate review of this procurement strategy and the extent of contracted out services in the Department. Such a review is essential to ensure that investments are being made in the public interest, not those of profit-driven multinational corporations.

In Solidarity,

Debi Daviau