President Daviau asks political leaders in New Brunswick where they stand

PIPSC President, Debi Daviau has reached out to all political leaders in New Brunswick to clarify their positions on issues that matter most to our members.

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Several hundred PIPSC members live and work in New Brunswick. Our membership in the province includes Crown Prosecutors, Crown Counsel, Legal Aid Services employees, agrologists and agronomists, engineers, architects and land surveyors, as well as veterinarians and veterinary pathologists.

All who have continued to provide critical services to the people of New Brunswick during the COVID 19 crises. And many who have been on the front lines of the provincial and federal response to the pandemic.

President Daviau has asked each party to clarify what their position is on the following issues:

(1) If elected, what will your party do to ensure an effective, well-funded provincial public service continues to be in place in the years ahead?

(2) If elected, in light of ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, what will your party do to ensure the safety of our members returning to their regular work locations? And will your party support appropriate work-life balance accommodations for our members and their families given the continued uncertainty regarding what will constitute the “new normal” in the future?

(3) If elected, will your party ensure that our members receive fair compensation that is competitive with those of their counterparts across Canada? As you may know, public service professionals in New Brunswick are currently among the lowest paid in the country.

(4) With the move from a defined benefit pension plan to a shared risk pension plan, our members are now left with a retirement plan that delivers less and costs more. If elected, what will your party do to address this shortfall?

We are a non-partisan union and ready to collaborate with the next New Brunswick government to ensure that New Brunswickers continue to receive the excellent public services that they expect and depend on.