PIPSC takes its seat at the table of International Labour

Dear Members,

Last month, I had the opportunity to represent PIPSC and the Canadian labour movement at the Labour 7 (L-7) summit in Ottawa. This was a preparatory meeting hosted by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) leading up to the G-7 meeting this summer in Québec.  As a CLC Vice-President, I was invited to participate in this important discussion of how we can best tackle the challenges facing workers today and in the future.  Topics included ensuring the innovation agenda is inclusive, gender equality, and adapting to technological change. 

It was a unique opportunity to meet with labour leaders from the G-7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) and to discuss our issues with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and key members of his Cabinet. Not only did we enjoy an open and frank discussion with the Prime Minister, but we also had the opportunity to engage in a productive dialogue with Ministers Patty Hadju (Employment, Workforce Development and Labour), Maryam Monsef (Status of Women), and Chrystia Freeland (Foreign Affairs). 

Below are a few photos from the two-day session, including one of me with our Prime Minister, and the other with an impressive group of international women leaders that I was humbled to meet.

Better Together!
Debi Daviau


Debi with women leaders


Debi with Trudeau