PIPSC members deliver on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit

You are making Canadians proud. And it is not going unnoticed.

You are providing critical IT, healthcare, procurement, working on the front line to deliver more supplies and services, developing a vaccine, approving medical devices, ensuring the food chain stays up and volunteering to do other critical tasks!

"In this time of crisis, Canadians are witnessing the extraordinary value of our public servants, many of whom are PIPSC members. You’ve not only reassured Canadians, you’ve given us confidence and hope that together we can overcome the pandemic. While working from home or from virtually abandoned offices, you’ve not only kept the services going, you’ve volunteered to help repatriate Canadians, built an income relief program from scratch, and financially secured Canadians who saw their incomes disappear in a matter of days. Canada has, bar none, the best public service in the world. Thank you for your outstanding efforts."

Greg Fergus, MP Hull-Aylmer

This week we specifically celebrate our members involved in the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB).

Members at CRA and SSC have been working around the clock to build the system and update their processes to handle the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

Thousands of our members volunteered as call center agents to assist CERB applicants without hesitation. They all came together and delivered what Canadians needed when they needed it. In one day alone, 788,510 people successfully applied for the CERB, processing an estimated 1,000 applications per second. The rapid delivery of the CERB was a complete in-house operation – public servants stepping up to take care of everyone in Canada.

Our AFS members completed a project that was estimated to take 9 months in 2 weeks – tested and implemented!

As we know, the government needs in-house experts. Not higher cost, lower quality outsourced services.

Your contributions have been recognized by the Canadian Government, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian people, who are truly grateful and deeply impressed. Thank you to all of our dedicated and hardworking members who continue to deliver critical government services.