PIPSC 2019-20 Pre-Budget Consultation Submission

The Institute’s submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance regarding the 2019-20 Pre-Budget Consultation is now available online


PIPSC believes the next federal budget should address the following priorities:

(1) Invest in intramural scientific capacity and intramural research and development (R&D).

(2) Enlist the assistance of the Chief Science Advisor to develop more detailed metrics to monitor the government’s science capacity.

(3) Nix Phoenix. Expand and accelerate efforts to find a permanent, in-house solution.

(4) Dedicate adequate resources to innovative Phoenix solutions.

 (5) “Reduc[e] the use of external consultants, bringing expenditures closer to 2005/06 levels,” as promised in Real Change: Growth for the Middle Class - The  Liberal Fiscal Plan and Costing, 2015.

(6)  Prioritize training and professional development within the public service.

(7) Close tax loopholes, reform privacy laws and prevent “snow washing”.

(8) Reinvigorate the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).