Pension Advisory Committee

We have created a new PIPSC Pension Advisory Committee. This committee will consult with members and pension experts to advise the president on the best ways to build, protect, and expand retirement security for our members and people in Canada.

Committee members:

Eric Boucher, Atlantic

Jordan Loverock, BC & Yukon

Lili Mats, Ontario

Michael O’Hare, NCR

Ratish Raghavan, NCR

Committee members were appointed as a result of a union-wide application process. Over 250 members applied to take on this important work. We acknowledge all members who generously offered their time and energy – your ongoing commitment to our collective work is invaluable.

Each application was reviewed by a panel of PIPSC staff and scored against the selection criteria. All personal information was removed for this process. A second panel of Pension and Benefits officers reviewed the top scoring candidates. This team then nominated the highest-scoring applications, with special attention given to ensure the nominees reflect the diversity of our membership.

The Pension Advisory Committee expects to start meeting this autumn to discuss current challenges like retirement security in the era of Covid-19, the Supplemental Death Benefit, and the attacks on the pensions of members at private employers and provincial groups.