Painting 100 years of progress

Members like you play an important part in building, protecting and progressing communities across Canada. In celebrating the Institute’s 100th anniversary and the contributions of our members to our community, we’ve invited Ottawa artist Ryan Smeeton to create a special mural to honour the diverse impact of our members.

Ryan will paint the mural near our main office located at 250 Tremblay road. He has been a part of many inspirational public art installments and designed dozens of murals which can be identified by his unique style.

The mural will prominently display our 100th anniversary logo and be a source of beauty and inspiration for our work as a union. This is how the artist describes his concept for this mural:

"When I learned of the issues PIPSC has fought for, I was struck by the importance of your work … My goal is to create a mural that captures the spirit of PIPSC's purpose: building community to act collectively to improve its members’ lives. I represent this in my design with a linear composition featuring three figures; the first figure is seen pouring seeds from her palm, the second is seen holding a sapling, and the third is seen gazing out into the future.”

He said this concept represents the process of a PIPSC accomplishment from conception to implementation. First, the seeds of an idea are planted, then those seeds are nurtured so they can grow and gain momentum. Finally, the outcome is achieved – better conditions for members – and all those who collaborated to make those changes happen get to look towards a brighter future.

“As focal points within a composition, I strive to use figurative imagery that is stimulating, representative, and accessible,” Ryan said. “My goal is to create an engaging, eye-catching piece that will ultimately become a landmark in the area and will serve as a celebration of PIPSC’s successes, a source of pride for its members and staff, and an inspiration to continue Leading Progress."

As this year’s AGM marks the kick off of our 100th anniversary celebrations, there will be many projects and events coming up to celebrate our past and future success. The work on the mural will begin on September 9. The completed mural will be unveiled in late September 2019.

We thank our neighbours at Dustbane for their support for this project and their permission to use one of their walls for this mural.