Ontario Public Sector Consultations – PIPSC is fighting for you!

The Ontario Government held consultations with public sector employers and bargaining agents in early May. We attended to represent our members in the Ontario Provincial Group, and also submitted our comments in writing to the government.

While not stated explicitly, it was clear that the Ontario government was seeking feedback on possible wage constraints or wage caps for public service workers. We, along with our sister unions, made very clear that any wage adjustment would be considered unacceptable and would be vigorously opposed. Changes to wages must be negotiated at the bargaining table and our contracts must be respected.

The consultation also sought to identify additional cost cutting tools. We were able to unequivocally advise against outsourcing as an option. Based on our disastrous experience with Phoenix federally, we know how wasteful and ineffective outsourcing can be.

We will fight any wage cuts to Ontario public servants. We know that public servants provide high quality essential public services to Ontarians. These services must be maintained, and qualified, experienced public servants are required to do this work.