New Hope for Finding a Phoenix Replacement Faster

As the joint communiqué released today between Treasury Board President Scott Brison and myself shows, there is new progress to report on our efforts to replace the dysfunctional Phoenix pay system.

The government and PIPSC have agreed to “work collaboratively to explore all options to ensure that our public service has the best system available.” This at last indicates a strong commitment by the government to replace Phoenix, gives fresh hope that such a system will come sooner rather than later, and provides assurance that there is a role for PIPSC members in realizing it.

While we remain confident that the AFS proposal would result in faster conversion to a system that is cheaper, more accurate and reliable, the government continues to need convincing. We therefore will continue to champion this option (and encourage other members to do so), while also working with the government to examine all available options.

Coming so soon after the Auditor General’s final report on Phoenix’s “incomprehensible failure” (and our own assessment of that failure), I hope this new agreement gives us one more reason to celebrate National Public Service Week.




Debi Daviau