A new era for PIPSC elections

We have some exciting news that is going to revolutionize the way we run PIPSC elections. In spring 2024, we will be launching a new election platform! 

The new platform will modernize the user experience, meaning members will no longer need a ballot key to vote, and election results will be easy to access. We will be testing the platform for a group election this spring, and the entire membership will get the opportunity to use the platform to vote in the upcoming National Election. 

Simply by logging in on this new platform, members will be able to see elections they are eligible to vote in, as well as past elections and election results. The platform is also highly secure, requiring 2-factor authentication to protect the integrity of PIPSC elections. And thanks to the platform being cloud-based, members will be able to vote from anywhere in the world.

Another benefit of the new election platform is that members will automatically receive an email through the platform when an election is called. They will also receive reminders when voting is opened or closed, and when election results are available. 

To ensure that all members are set up on the new platform before the National Elections in November 2024, we will be onboarding members in waves starting this spring. Members should keep an eye out for an email from the election platform prompting them to log in to the platform, create a password, and set up 2-factor authentication. Then, all they need to do is wait for an email letting them know that voting is open.