Message from the President – Flooding

On behalf of all PIPSC members, I want to express our support and encouragement to our fellow members and all of those currently affected by the extensive flooding across the country.

Many of our members have been directly impacted as a result of the flooding and evacuations.

I’d like to sincerely thank our members and staff who have already pitched in to help, especially those that have helped me personally weather this flood. I know in my area more help is needed in both Ottawa and Gatineau

Your department and management will continue to provide updates and direction on workplace access and commuting during this time of emergency.

We applaud you and the extraordinary responders who work tirelessly to save homes and protect communities.

PIPSC stands with you in solidarity and we call for urgent action from all levels of government to reverse and mitigate the dire impact of climate change.

Better together,

Debi Daviau