Join the anti-scab rally!

The current federal government was re-elected in 2021 on a promise to implement a ban on scabs and has reiterated this commitment in its cooperation agreement with the NDP with a promise to enact this legislation by the end of 2023. Yet, no action has been taken, and the time to pass legislation is running out. 

We need to hold MPs accountable and urge the government to adopt a meaningful prohibition on the temporary use of scabs. A ban on scabs would affect 22,000 employers and 1 million employees in the federally-regulated industries, including many PIPSC members. Your support and attendance matters.

Join the rally next Tuesday. The PIPSC contingent will meet at 11AM in front of the Parliament LRT station and leave to march to Parliament Hill at 11:15AM sharp. 

Please keep in mind that attending the rally is voluntary and that you must join the rally on your own time (for example, your unpaid lunch break).