Hurricane Fiona – members may be able to use Code 699 leave if unable to work

We are deeply saddened by the devastation caused by hurricane Fiona in the Atlantic provinces and eastern Quebec, and are concerned for our members in the areas most affected. 

There’s been widespread destruction to homes, the loss of iconic landmarks, and thousands of people without power for days. 

To all of our members affected by the storm: your union is here for you.

Remember: you may have access to Code 699 ‘Other Leave with Pay’ to help you in times like these. 

Code 699 is for situations that aren’t already covered by other types of leave where employees are unable to report to work for reasons beyond their control. It can also be accessed retroactively. 

If you need help accessing Code 699 leave, or were denied this leave to help you cope with the impacts of the storm, reach out to an Employment Relations Officer in our Atlantic Regional Office. They will help you with next steps.