Happy National Nursing Week!

Happy National Nursing Week to all nursing professionals across Canada!

Every day, your hard work improves the lives of Canadians. During this special week, the theme of “Yes This Is Nursing,” reminds us of the diverse work that nurses take on from monitoring patients’ health to performing critical diagnostic tests and administering lifesaving, innovative treatments.

On behalf of the Professional Institute, I want to thank the over 3,000 nurses who work in a variety of departments and institutions across the country.

To celebrate this occasion, I’d like to share a profile of PIPSC member Valerie Emery who explains the challenges and benefits of her work in a Whitehorse emergency room:

Watch the video.

As she expresses so well:

“In the emergency room, people come in and it’s the worst day of their lives. So just meeting them where they’re at and being able to help them through their crisis for the day…it gives me joy to be able to do that for them and their families.”

To Valerie and all her colleagues across the country, thank you again for your invaluable contribution to the well-being of Canadians and for bringing the principles of caring, and community to our health care system.

Better together!
Debi Daviau