#GETLOUD for Mental Health Week

May 7-13 is the Canadian Mental Health Association's (CMAS) Mental Health Week. Every May for the last 67 years, Canadians in communities, schools, workplaces and the House of Commons have joined forces to #GETLOUD by speaking out and challenging the stigma and discrimination that too often accompany mental illness.

Mental Health Week slogan "Get Loud" with PIPSC signature


One in five Canadians experience a mental health issue or illness each year. That impacts all of us, in our communities, at home and at work. Countless Canadians aren't getting the care they need and then end up in emergency rooms looking for help.

With most adults spending more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, addressing mental health in the workplace is especially critical. For many years, Canadian unions have been involved in building workplaces that support mental as well as physical health and safety.


What unions like PIPSC are doing


What you can doPIPSC Mental Health Guide Cover image

You can:

  • Download your copy of PIPSC Mental Health Resource Guide! The Guide is a comprehensive tool-kit that will help you recognize the signs of mental illness, provides advice on starting these difficult conversations and includes information on where to access resources for support. 
  • Speak up. Talk openly about mental health. Talking openly about mental health, with people you feel safe with, can end the silence and shame around mental health problems.
  • Be a friend to someone you know is struggling. You can be the friend who opens up a conversation.
  • #GETLOUD on social media: check out the CMHA toolkit for shareable images and sample posts and tweets.

We all have an important role to play in ensuring that our workplaces are mentally healthy and with this guide you will be better equipped to deal with what is quickly becoming the mental health epidemic.

Together we can break the stigma!