Federal Government Needs to Speed Up Alternatives to Phoenix Pay System

Today we join with workers and unions across the world in celebration of the accomplishments and resistance of workers! In that light, and as the ongoing struggle with Phoenix persists, PIPSC is demanding action from the Federal Government.

In a recent survey, 46% of Canadians say six months is a “reasonable time to wait” yet PIPSC members have been waiting well beyond that timeline. That number rises dramatically to nearly 9 out of 10 Canadians (88%) when one includes those who believe two years or less is a reasonable time to wait.

“We’ve already waited well over two years for a solution,” said PIPSC President Debi Daviau. “Now that the government has committed to finding an alternative, it needs to speed up implementation of those alternatives. Our members can’t wait another two years.”

Tens of thousands of federal employees  are still struggling with errors due to Phoenix that have left them paid too little, too much or, too often, not at all. PIPSC is continuing to push for timely implementation of an alternative system. “As an active partner in finding a new system as soon as possible, we intend to push for alternatives to be tried as quickly as possible,” added Daviau, referring to the working partnership announced in June between PIPSC and the federal government.

PIPSC is strongly advocating for the implementation of the Corporate Administrative System (CAS). This program is currently being used by the CRA and CBSA and can be readily updated to a full-fledged payroll system.

 “We believe the CAS system can be adapted and brought online much more quickly than the government’s current (and vague) timelines for implementing an alternative system,” said Daviau. “That would ensure at least 55,000 CRA and CBSA employees could be removed from the Phoenix pay system and paid through a new, much more reliable system sooner.  The government needs to speed up implementation of viable alternatives now. Our members can’t wait.”

PIPSC is pushing the government to start building a replacement to Phoenix now! 

Join us by clicking the link below to fill out an easy, one-step form that will send an email to your Member of Parliament and the Treasury Board Council Committee: